Trump Accuser’s Story To Be Adopted As Horror Movie Called “His Lips Are Coming”

As the Trump administration is rocked by yet another sexual assault scandal, an eager Hollywood fresh off of an Oscar high leapt immediately into action.

Within fifteen minutes of Alva Johnson filing her sexual assault lawsuit against Donald Trump, a bidding war had already ensued between horror production companies Blumhouse Productions and Dark Castle Entertainment.

Hollywood sources also tell Totally NOT Fake News that John Carpenter has already been tapped to direct the movie, intrigued by using the withered, thin, grotesque anus-looking lips as a horror subject. 

While details are somewhat sketchy at this time, Totally NOT Fake News was able to acquire the film’s treatment from another anonymous Hollywood source.

The movie will center on Alva Johnson’s character, a tough, no-nonsense, hard-working woman of color who is working as a political staffer in order to provide for her ailing mother, and small child. During the course of her work, she uncovers some unsavory secrets about the creepy pervert she is working for, and is thrust into a terrifying world. It is a nightmarish world where women are getting paid less than the men doing the same job, while getting shamelessly groped and suckled by the awful lips. It is Alva’s irresistible beauty that accidentally unleashes a set of powerful, perverted lips that wreck havoc on beautiful women everywhere, aiming for mouth kisses that feed on their feminine souls.

After barely escaping the slobbering kisses by turning her head at the last moment. It’s a race against time to save not only her own soul, but that of the other beautiful women in his campaign before it’s too late. Not even moderately attractive women are safe!

The horrifying epic is slated for theaters in time for Halloween later this year, and there is talk of a sequel already in production. “His Lips Are Coming 2: The Next Kiss" will see Trump’s lips teaming up with Harvey Weinstein’s lips for Halloween 2020.  

Given the overwhelming sexual assault claims, “His Lips Are Coming” has the potential to be the next big horror franchise.

Corey Kealiher