Affair Drama A Marketing Ploy to Promote Adult Film Starring Trump & Daniels?


As new information continues to leak from the deepening Stormy Daniels/ Donald Trump scandal, Totally NOT Fake News has obtained information that indicates the $130,000 in hush money received by Daniels may not have been hush money at all, but a down payment on a starring role in what some are calling the biggest adult film ever made. Summer blockbuster season just got hotter, as the Trump/Daniels collaborative effort Stormy Nights On Trump’s Tower is slated the hit the big screen early next month. And the critics are already raving.

“It’s truly an amazing film,” adult film star, Jenna Jamison said of the forthcoming film. “The scenery, the acting, the story-line – it’s right up there with other great works like The Rodfather, or Forrest Humps.”

The film follows the story of a lonely man who is the Commander-in-Beef of the United States of Erotica, and a down-on-her-luck pizza delivery woman in search of her soul mate. Fate intervenes one stormy night when the Commander-in-Beef orders a pizza, which is delivered by a rain soaked and very cold Stormy Daniels.

As the film unfolds, the two lovers travel together, battling bad guys, solving the world’s problems, and negotiating trade deals through lusty situations.

“It’s already been screened by industry insiders,” reports adult film star, Ron Jeremy. “This thing is going to be huge. And I know all about huge.”

Ron Jeremy himself plays a role in Stormy Nights On Trump’s Tower, as a Middle Eastern dick-tator named Amin Yaguurl, who kidnaps Stormy’s character in what some are calling the most tasteful bondage scene in porn history.

The film’s director, Peen Weinerstein recently broke his silence to explain what’s really behind the media focus on the affair.

“Actually, our marketing department decided to pitch it to the media as a scandalous affair, so they’d do all the advertising for us,” Weinerstein says. “With the media keeping Donny & Stormy’s names in the public mind, people will by dying to see this film when it’s released. It’s going to be bigger then the Avengers Infinity Wars.”

The film’s production budget has topped $3,000, making it the highest budget ever spent on an adult film. Industry stars are calling the film the role of a lifetime for both Daniels and Trump.

Even established mainstream directors are impressed with the film’s scope.

“This is first time in adult film history that some of the camera angles take place from inside the woman,” Steven Spielberg comments. “It’s a brave departure from convention, but putting the audience on the receiving end of an epic money shot in ways that have never been done before. The audience is not longer a passive observer, but intimately engaged.”

“It’s touching. Very touching. Lots of touching,” said George Lucas. “When they solved the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with the interracial orgy, I cried. This film is truly the next Star Wars.”

Stormy Nights On Trump’s Tower looks to have the potential of being the highest grossing film of all time.

Emphasis on ‘gross’.