Trump Debuts Presidential Romper Amid Controversy


Trump appeared at Monday’s press conference sporting something that fashionistas are calling the “Presidential Romper”. As usual, this threw yet another curve-ball at a White House Press Corps ready to hammer the president on topics ranging from G20 conduct to the latest North Korean missile launch. ABC White House correspondent Martha Raddatz reported: “Trump still has a lot to answer for with Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, but once I saw that Romper, the whole tenor of that meeting changed immediately.”

USA Today’s David Jackson echoed those sentiments. “Foreign policy? Sean Spicer’s resignation? Who cares? Look at that romper! That’s what people want to know about!”

FOX News Headline to declare: “Liberal Media Silenced By Bold New Direction In Presidential Wear!”

First lady Melania was not nearly as impressed by her husband’s fashion choice.

“It offends me as model,” she said. “I can deal with hairstyle, paunchiness, and body hair growing out of weird places all over his body, but this? It might be time for marriage counseling.”

While the “Presidential Romper” is confounding critics and adding tension to an already strained marriage, it’s finding some support in some vary unlikely corners of fashion.

Todd Smith, who writes an underground hipster blog Fah-Shun, praises the move (mainly to say he praised something about Trump before it was cool).

“For so long we’ve been marginalized for our cutting edge fashion sense,” Smith writes, “and now we’re finally vindicated, as our sense of style has reached to highest office in the land. You’re welcome, America.”

Predictably, the Presidential Romper is sweeping the south as the hurricanes will soon be.

Bobby Joe, of Bobby Joe’s pawn & loan agreed to talk to us only on the condition that he is quoted verbatim, because he “don’t like the liberal media”.

We’ve ben seein’ a lotta folks in heah fo’ $1200 loans. Jimmy Jack was in heah tradin’ he granpappy’s Vietnam rifle, and Drippy Sue gived me the deed to her trailer where she ben horin’ fer meth. It’s really blowin’ up a storm ‘round heah!”

Bobby Joe is also part of the group Rompers4Freedom, which is actively working to make the Romper the official clothing style of the United States.

Inside sources are telling NotYourPrez News that other world leaders are considering similar fashion shakeup in their own beleaguered nations, and are reaching out to Trump for advice.