Trump Show Scores Most Emmys For Best New Reality Political Drama


The Trump Show is on every day, and even major news outlets have given up reporting news in favor of providing nonstop insight and commentary on the show’s ever deepening plot. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer raves about his show's exponential spike in ratings since January over his continued coverage of The Trump Show.

“At some point we realized it was the only thing people were talking about, and the only show in everybody’s Facebook & Twitter feeds. This is what people really want, so now our network (and others), report almost exclusively on the antics & outrages of the Trump administration.”

MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow echoed similar sentiments.

“Sure, there’s war, and starvation, and corporate & government corruption that we could probably bring to light, but people just don’t care. They want to know what dumb thing the president said or tweeted today. They want to know what Melania is wearing to the next natural disaster. They want to be mad. So that’s what we give them now.”

“The writing is superb”, said film critic Jay Sherman. “The show runs all day everyday, but you never know what to expect from moment to moment. Will we see scandal? Tragedy? Comedy? We have to stay tuned in to find out.”

It’s the hottest 2017 reality show in America, and last night the cast finally got the star studded Hollywood recognition it deserved, securing a record number of Emmys. Even many of the gala’s attendees, such as Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin couldn’t stop talking about it the show.

But there’s a darker side to America’s hit new TV series, as professional therapist, Dr. Jonathan Katz explains to Totally NOT Fake News.

“People are becoming increasingly addicted to it. They’re becoming more agitated by it. They can’t seem to turn it off. Relationships with friends and family have been severed. It’s becoming a real disaster.”

Dr. Katz isn’t alone in this assessment, either. Renowned psychologist, Dr. Fraiser Crane had this to say:

“As the show progresses, we see society unraveling. There’s riots and anger, there’s a resurgence in White Nationalism, people are in a constant state of anxiety and fear – all of it stems from addiction to The Trump Show.”

At this point, our Totally NOT Fake News investigative reporter lost interest in what Dr. Crane was saying, and resumed scrolling through the latest Trump news stories.

Season 2 begins on January 20th, 2018.